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Free CS-Cart Add-ons

The features of standard version of CS-Cart satisfy most of your requirements to the online shopping cart software, but something is missing? Here you will find addons for CS-Cart, which will fix this.

Product units CS-Cart Addon [beta]

CODE: addon-prod-unit


This addon will be useful if you are engaged in distribution of goods, which are measured in units other than "one thing." For example, if you sell fabric measured by linear foots.

Addon lets you add a product unit (kg, m, h) and display unit next to the price on the detailed product page with a [price] / [unit] format.

Geo-IP Location CS-Cart Addon [beta]. Free

CODE: addon-geoip


This addon allows your guest customers to be located by their IP-address and to be prefilled with their Country / State / City profile information.

Addons Wizard CS-Cart Addon [beta]. Free

CODE: addon-adns-extractor


The addon allows you to upload archive files of other addons by direct link or from the local machine and extract them to install directly from the admin panel! The process of addon installing turns to a few clicks, and in addition, you will always be aware of new addons from "Teleport online".

Sliding wrappers CS-Cart Addon [beta]

CODE: addon-anim-wrap


This addon adds new wrappers for blocks. When you click on the title of the block content disappears or appears, depending on the previous state. You can also set up automatic disappearance or appearance of the block over time in seconds.