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Sliding wrappers CS-Cart Addon [beta]

CODE: addon-anim-wrap


This product is electronically distributed.


This addon adds new wrappers for blocks. When you click on the title of the block content disappears or appears, depending on the previous state. You can also set up automatic disappearance or appearance of the block over time in seconds.

Addon installation

Our offer:

1. Download free "Addon Wizard CS-Cart addon" and install it in a standard way

2. Install all other addons from "Addon Wizard" interface right from the admin panel just in a few clicks


The standard way:

1. Download addon archive file.

2. Place archive into the root directory of your site

3. Unpack archive at the site root directory.

4. Make sure that admin and customer addon skins appear at the active skin directory. You may need to move addons skins from default skin directory to the active skin directory.

5. Login to the administrator panel, go to the "Administration" → "Addons" and click "Install" next to the addon name.


3.0.2 - 3.0.6

Attachments, Free, Trial

Sliding Wrappers Reference Guide (Sliding_Wrappers_Reference_Guide.pdf, 204 Kb) [Download]


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