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How do we measure the cost of the project?

The cost of the project depends on its complexity and the labor intensity, and rests on the spent man-hours for the implementation. For most projects, it can not be accurately predicted its complexity. In the preparation of the offer we predict approximately how many man-hours the project will take with some tolerance. Your offer will contain a full list of works with an estimated number of hours we will spend on them.

What is the hourly rate of our specialist?

Hour rate of our specialist is $35. Specialist does not get all of this money, part of the money is spent on all kinds of taxes, part is spent on the rent, and a part is spent on ther expenses.

What is the minimal cost of "turnkey" e-commerce site creation with standard CS-Cart functionality?

- CS-Cart Professional License:                 $305

CS-Cart Installing and configuring:             $95

- Standard design stylization*:            from $200 

- Products upload**:                             from $100 / 100 items

*   - Changing colors, sizes, block allocation; no significant changes of standard design.

** - For products with only the name, image and description.


Total:                                                    from $700


Use our free project estimation service and we will send you an offer with all necessary jobs within two business days.